Agency: Lowe Howard-Spink Author: Guy Lambert

For Boys of All Ages: The Repositioning of Scalextric


If you are a man and you are somewhere between the ages of 25 and 45, you might be picking up this submission with just a little bit of a twinkle in your eye. Scalextric ehdo you rememberthat sixwheeler Tyrrell that your mate had that you so badly coveted, beating your dad rotten with your all conquering JPS Lotus, your mum complaining that she was fed up of the thing taking up the whole of the dining room and if that dent in the chairleg has been made by one of your bloody cars then she'dEnough.

This is the story of the repositioning of Scalextric. How one of Britain's most famous toy brands needed to reposition itself to appeal to adults as well as children in order to survive and thrive. And how an account teams' understanding of grown men's relationship with Scalextric helped unearth an entirely new role for the brand in their lives and inspired an advertising campaign which sought to give them a reason and an excuse to pick up their yellow plastic handthrottles again, twentyfive years after they thought they had put them down for good.