Effectiveness lies in channel integration

Tim Broadbent
Ogilvy & Mather

Today's most effective campaigns use twice as many channels as in the 1990s, but using multiple media specialists can cause disjointed, confusing advertising.

An average effective campaign in the 1990s used three media channels. Effective campaigns in 2010 used seven channels, judging by this year's entries to the IPA Effectiveness Awards and the Warc Effectiveness prize. It is highly unlikely, to put it mildly, that brand communication budgets have more than doubled in real terms over this period. The implication is that campaigns are using more channels by spending less on each. Is this a good trade?

Maybe not. True, today's target consumer is more likely to be surrounded by media targeting than in the 1990s. The campaign is waiting for them wherever they turn. But that does not mean it will be more effective.