The death of digital marketing: How Procter & Gamble sees the future

John Davidson

"The era of digital marketing is over. It's almost dead. It's now just brand building; it's what we do." Such were the incendiary words of Marc Pritchard, global brand building officer at Procter & Gamble (P&G), while speaking at the dmexco 2013 conference held in Cologne.

In further elaborating this idea, Pritchard discussed how digital should not be seen as a mysterious medium with metrics that only technology gurus can understand. "We also try to resist thinking of digital as the tools, the platforms: QR codes, augmented reality, holograms and all the technology," he said. "We try and see it for what it is – which is a tool to build our brands by reaching people with fresh creative campaigns."

Embracing this mindset is changing Procter & Gamble's internal culture and freeing the organisation to develop ideas that come to life through the mediums consumers actually engage with on a daily basis: "In search, social, mobile, video, PR and, yes, even TV," said Pritchard.