Insights from the IPA Effectiveness Awards 2012:
TV and digital - Are we there yet? Or do we even have a map?

Phil Danter

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Despite many judges' hope that this would finally be the year of digital effectiveness becoming predominant, TV still dominated this year's entries, in many instances as a solus or near-solus medium. Great examples of campaigns which relied almost exclusively on TV include Gü, which used all its emotive power to portray the brand's 'innocent pleasure', and Snickers, which created a classic fame-driving idea ('You're not you when you're hungry') which was adapted brilliantly across markets.

Campaigns like these re-assured many judges who felt it was great to see that the growth in new channels does not equal the death of TV. We all know that TV viewing is growing; 40% of Twitter content during peak time each evening is about TV content, and chatting about content on Facebook whilst viewing only serves to enhance the viewing experience.