Draftfcb: Eight tips for better shopper strategies

David Tiltman

Shopper strategies are changing fast, according to Tina Manikas, Global Retail and Promotions Officer at Draftfcb.

Manikas served as chairman of the promotional and activation jury at the Spikes Asia 2012 awards. Speaking at the conference that accompanies the awards, she discussed outstanding examples of brands inspiring consumers at different stages of the path to purchase.

She pointed out that globally, spend on promotional and activation work is up 21%, as brands rethink the path to purchase, and look for new moments to talk to shoppers. "The line between consumers and shoppers is disappearing," said Manikas, and the idea of separate 'awareness' and 'purchase' states is vanishing. "The shopping moment is earlier and faster [in the cycle]."

Manikas pointed to the role mobile was now playing at point of sale, the impact of multi-screening and the availability of product information wherever a consumer goes. "The path to purchase is no longer linear… It is a mess, filled with barriers that derail our efforts."