Dare Iced Coffee: How communication allowed Dare to go mental

Agency: AJF Partnership

Advertiser: Lion – Dare Iced Coffee

Author: Lucy Cochran

Total Campaign Expenditure: $5 – 10 million

Executive Summary

Dare Iced Coffee dared to dream big. By creating a campaign which bolstered Dare's coffee credentials and redefined who iced coffee drinkers were, the brand rocketed to the number one iced coffee in its key distribution channels. The campaign idea focused on the message that iced coffee gives you mental strength, and in doing so tapped into a new target market and need; resulting in Dare gaining 77 cents of every $1 in category growth.

Strategic communications challenge

Lion under siege

Dare Iced Coffee, owned by Lion, had 3.5% share of the NARTD (Non Alcoholic Ready to Drink) category and was valued at $25.1m in 2010. Lion was facing big problems in the form of a supermarket milk pricing war. The once profitable division of white milk was hurting, putting the pressure on other areas of the business to perform. Lion looked to Dare as a saviour and put the pressure on with a big challenge; double Dare's size in 3 years & from 18.4 million litres (mL) in 2010 to 36.0 mL in 2013.