Walkers: Sandwich

Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO


Our challenge: only 1 in 10 lunch breaks included Walkers crisps.

The creative idea: prove Walkers can make any Sandwich more exciting, even the town of Sandwich, Kent.

Through a series of surprise celebrity-led events, we turned the sleepy town into the most exciting town in Britain. Timely distribution of content from the events through PR, TV and online channels then created a sustained buzz nation-wide.

This was an idea designed not only to lead to engaging advertising, but also to great PR material, and to natural advocacy from all those who would be involved – the Sandwich town locals, Journalists and Retailers - by creating an unforgettable experience for them.

Why Sandwiches? In 2009, Walkers identified a new opportunity for growth in the profitable ‘singles’ segment of the business. The opportunity lay in getting more people to buy crisps with their lunchtime sandwich.