Coop Italia: Eco Radio ad

Y&R Italy Milan

Advertiser: Coop Italia
Brand: Coop Italia
Country: Italy


The campaign's main objective was to raise awareness of the environmental responsibility that distinguishes the company from the other main competitors. In a world where supermarkets are falling into an area where only price competition matters, Coop needed something more to distance it from 'merely' selling. The company also needed to strengthen its awareness among the younger clients, hence required a solution that would attract that target while effectively communicating its eco-friendly aspect.


The client's brief was to raise awareness of the brand among young people while communicating its environmental pledge. In order to do this, the strategy needed to focus on making contact with the target in as much a direct way as possible. Radio was chosen as a media that young people listen to during their time in the city, or university, or other situations, so the more popular stations listened to by the target audience were selected. Equally, we developed the idea of staging a music concert.