Citibank plans for the mobile future

Stephen Whiteside

Mobile devices are transforming retail banking. Over a billion people around the world are expected to utilise this medium to check their balance, transfer money, make payments and undertake similar activities by 2017, according to Juniper Research, the insights group. As a result, the industry's big players are scrambling to develop new services.

Citibank is one such company. It launched a mobile website in 2007, and today boasts apps for the iPhone, iPad and equivalent gadgets powered by Google Android. Uptake of these tools has exploded in the 35 countries in which the firm does business.

"We're starting to see a world where people are taking advantage of all the platforms and all the digital experiences we offer," Michael Wexler, Citibank's director, digital insights and advertising effectiveness, told delegates at the APPNATION Cross Platform Summit, held in New York in mid-2013.