Database Marketing: 'One Antidote to Consumer Indifference'

Dom Rossi
Reader's Digest Association
Wayne Eadie
Reader's Digest Association


We live in an environment today where marketing is evolving at a pace more accelerated than it has ever been.

We are watching a consumer who has more choice at his or her disposal than they have ever had. And as a result, we are watching marketers deploy a myriad of communication and promotional tactics that are literally screaming ... 'Look at me!' The dilemma, of course, is that not a lot of people are 'looking.'

Just how serious is the problem? Serious enough that last year a nationwide survey by Yankelovich reported that today, only 5% of Americans 'have a great deal of confidence in what companies tell them,' and for all of us who toil daily with the challenges of communication and persuasion, that is a finding that has the potential to be nothing short of debilitating.