Brand personality

James Rohde
James A Rohde Consulting

Consumer behaviour toward a brand is affected by the brand personality, but the personality of the consumer is also a significant factor that brands must take into account.

Personality is a brand equity factor that is thrown around pretty easily; and while maybe not misused, it is used so often that it has lost a bit of its inherent meaning. With that in mind, I want to clarify what we're talking about since there are limits to what brand personality covers.

To start with, personality with regard to people is thought of as the consistent patterns of behaviour and social interactions that are initiated by the individual. Basically we're looking at the kind of behaviour that can be expected from a person and how they interact with people around them.

Keeping the standard idea of personality in mind, we can think of brand personality the same way – the kind of behaviour consumers expect from the brand and how they believe the brand will interact with them. As I said, there are limits to what is covered by the brand personality factor though it impacts and is impacted by all the factors of brand equity.