Marketing to Men in the Millennium.

Panos Assiotis
Research International Hellas, Greece
David Jones
United Distillers & Vintners, United Kingdom


The Issue of Foreseeing

The broad issue of researching the future in relation to consumer market research has been amply discussed. How can market research help identify and understand the emergence of trends and changes in consumer’s attitudes, identities and values?

Trends are associated with the general tendency or prevailing behaviour which can be found in every aspect of life. Implicit in this definition is a sense of movement and change.

In an era when everything is moving and changing so rapidly, the ability to predict future behavioural patterns of consumers is becoming an issue of survival for every organisation and company. But is there a way of predicting future trends among specific target groups before they become mainstream? Are there any ways in which early warning signals of changes and trends can be elicited before they become a mass phenomenon? How could we spot this movement and change before they become popularised and commonplace, i.e. being as proactive as possible and offering marketers the greater challenge?