Gro Clock: the Education Clock for Children



Kinneir Dufort

Market leader in the UK with around 25% market share

Since its UK launch in June 2009, the Gro Clock has earned a reputation for being the very best children's wake-up clock. It is now the market leader in the UK with around 25% market share & forecasted sales expected to exceed 100,000 over the next year.

Its success can be attributed to the innovative & patented design which displays animated imagery of the sun and stars to communicate wake up time to very young children. Above all, the product works incredibly well and gives parents some much needed additional sleep in the mornings.

Amazon is a key outlet for the Gro Clock where it achieves a 4 or 5 star rating from over 90% of customers. It is now one of the company's best selling nursery products with up to 300 devices being sold each day. The Gro Clock has gained an outstanding reception and is stocked by all the key nursery retailers including Mothercare, Babies V us and Boots. It has become a ‘destination product’ for many retailers. Forecasted sales have been exceeded by 300% with the main issue for the Gro Company being that demand has outstripped initial production capacity. Following this huge success in the UK, production is being increased to meet demand as the product is launched to international markets throughout 2010.