Generating and testing the ideas that will smell just right!

Jaroslav Cír
Unilever, United Kingdom

Evert Bos
BrainJuicer, Netherlands

David Whitelam
Brain Juicer, United Kingdom


Populating the innovation funnel is a critical part of the NPD process: already here conditions for success are broadly set. Filling the funnel with poor or even average ideas immediately turns it into a 'garbage in garbage out' system, wasting rare resources such as time (and money). How can creative consumers be used to kick-start innovation?


In many cases, innovation kicks off in a 'brainstorming environment', often heavily populated with internal resources. Brainstorm techniques imply that everybody can be creative as long as all adhere to a certain set of brainstorming principles. Whoever attends a brainstorming session regularly tends to be disappointed because in brainstorming: