Unilever learns to "unlock the magic"

Geoffrey Precourt

Attendees at the Association of National Advertiser's 2013 Media Leadership Conference got a peek under the brand hood with a "Crafting Brands for Life" presentation by Rob Candelino, Unilever's vice president, brand building.

"I'm painfully aware that I'm a brand guy not really qualified to speak to a group of media executives as a media conference about the subject of media," his presentation began. "So I'm not even going to try."

Rob Candelino talks about "crafting" brands

Candelino, instead, "thought it would be interesting would be to tell you a story about how we do branding at Unilever - how we build our brands, how we do marketing and, within that, discuss the critical role media plays in delivering our branded messages to consumers in congested environments."