Flexa: Colour Your Clubhouse

Client Company Name: AkzoNobel
Brand Name: Flexa
Category: Cause, Charity/Non-profit Marketing or Social
Total Commercial Communications Expenditure: €100,000 and over
Country: Netherlands


Local challenge: The consumer paint brand Flexa faces stiff competition from both other premium brands as well as private labels. And Flexa is lagging its rivals when it comes to being distinctive and generating trial purchases.

International challenge: 'Let's Colour' is an international initiative through which paint is donated to disadvantaged neighbourhoods where, with help from the local community, whole neighbourhoods are painted in bright new colours.

Internationally: Flexa wants to add colour to people's lives in local communities. To empower communities through big, colourful, collective projects. BUT 'Let's Colour' lacks local relevance in The Netherlands! Therefore the big question was: how do we make Let's Colour relevant for Dutch consumers? In the end, giving away free paint is not a sustainable model. How do we activate Dutch consumers to start painting in their local community?