When Less Is More

Critical Issues for Advertisers in Developing a Global Measurement Approach and How VAIs could Take Outdoor Measurement to a Level of Accountability to Match TV

Tony Jarvis
Director Strategic Insights, MediaCom/Grey Global Group, United States


The time and investment required to refine the new GPS audience measurement systems is a tremendous undertaking for the industry. Will these new audience measurement techniques provide usable information at the site level or will they require further “tweaking” for usability? This remains to be seen once GPS measurement goes beyond the testing phase and becomes the industry standard.

The prospect of applying Visibility Adjustment Impacts (VAIs) to the new outdoor audience measurement is also a tremendous undertaking. Are the United States and other countries moving too fast from improved audience data collection to VAI? In order for the VAI to be meaningful, the resulting data must be sound, which is a costly and time-consuming process. Additionally, surveying inventory for measurement of VAI elements will take even more time.