Market research challenges in emerging economies: What CIVETS demands when conducting market research

Catalina Mejía Rozo and Helga Mora Santamaría
YanHaas, Colombia


Although the research task itself involves the challenges of the profession, such as localizing the target and designing appropriate gathering tools to obtain the required information, this becomes much more demanding in countries with high social inequality levels and where violence has become a historical constant along with poor road and communications infrastructures, making the task of survey research of any kind almost impossible.

Colombia is the perfect scenario to test the creativity and capacity of adaptability of research agencies in such challenging circumstances, and this has been documented in the case study "Security Perception" carried out by YanHaas since 2010 for the Colombian Military Forces (MF), where factors inherent to the subject of research, as well as the external factors and those related to the environment, have forced the agency to modify surveys, chronograms, and methodologies inter alia to achieve successful gathering of information.