Pepsi: The X Factor Partnership

OMD New York

Advertiser: Pepsico
Brand: Pepsi
Country: USA


Objectives: Reposition brand in relevant pop culture, drive consumer engagement and create social conversation around the Pepsi brand – all leading to increased purchase intent among the Pepsi target.

Our KPI's for The X Factor were comprehensive across multiple disciplines including:

  • Brand Health (Brand I love, Brand Like me, Purchase Intent, etc.)
  • Media Impressions (as compared to season 10 American Idol ratings, est. at 350MM media imps)
  • Digital Engagement (increased awareness of the partnership- Brand Recall, Display Media CTR, Pepsi Platform engagement, Social Page Likes, Promotion entries)
  • Earned Media Impressions (150MM)


Pepsi is consistently taking the pulse of its consumers and a landed on two key insights:

  • Consumers don't want to pay for music, but will pay- in both dollars and time, for live, new music experiences
  • First Discovery of new artists and music is a social badge of honor for millennials that drives shared activity.