Taco Bell: Drive Thru-Diet

Category: Restaurant
Brand/Client: Taco Bell
Primary Agencies: Draftfcb/Weber Shandwick


From Fast to Fattening:

Fast food has long been blamed as one of the culprits of the obesity epidemic. The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) category has responded by broadening menu offerings to include healthier options and helping to raise awareness of the problem. However, the leap from awareness to consumers actually taking action to eat healthier is very different. So, while QSRs were working to provide healthier options, for many consumers, the effort involved in eating healthier remained a challenge.

In the competitive landscape, Subway had long defined and dominated the healthy conversation in the QSR category. They helped people understand how to modify their choices, and made Subway a solid option.

For Taco Bell, success in healthier offerings was slow to come. Indeed, two years earlier, Taco Bell had developed the Fresco Menu, 7 great-tasting items with less than 9 grams of fat, yet people didn't recognize Taco Bell for its range of menu options from the indulgent to the healthful. How could we tell people that Taco Bell did, in fact, have food that was compatible with dietary trends? We couldn't re- launch the menu because it wasn't new, and we couldn't alienate our core customer and core competence of Mexican-Inspired Fast Food. So, what do you do when you have a solution that people simply don't know about?