Buick Encore: The SUV for the post-80's generation

Sean Hung

Campaign details

Brand owner: Shanghai GM company
Agency: LOWE
Brand: Buick Encore
Country: China
Channels used: Branded content, Online video
Media budget: 1 – 3 million

Executive summary

The agency created a most successful SUV launch campaign in China which achieved the sales target of ¥3 billion ($482 million) in only three months with one campaign.

In China, Buick planned to launch a whole new compact SUV 'Encore' in October 2012. SUV marketing was crowded since there were 127 types of SUV in China, hence Encore determined not to be one of the 127.

Instead of just shouting how good it was, Encore picked a group of customers with an attitude and talked to them directly. This was the post-'80 generation since they have been misunderstood and mislabelled for a long time, which give Encore a chance to play a role to answer their rallying cry.