Super Liquor: Build a Turkey

Category: Retail/Etail
Agency: .99
Client:Super Liquor


This campaign broke new ground for Super Liquor by relying heavily on digital and social media platforms. They did it with a twist of macabre humour, mouth-watering appetite appeal, and the biggest bunch of turkeys ever seen in a promotion.

Consumers gobbled it up, and Build a Turkey became Super Liquor’s new benchmark for success.


Along with declining consumer spend, Super Liquor was also battling the ever-growing dominance of supermarket liquor departments, the competitive price discounting war, a general perception by consumers that the only benefit of a liquor store is the local location, and a lack of funding for high-end loyalty programmes.

Super Liquor needed a new way to survive and thrive over the critical Christmas season, as well as reset customers’expectations from low value reward to a valuable experience, and prove a point of difference.