Agency: Mellors Reay & Partners Author: Paul Hone

The Sherry Institute of Spain
A Brief in a 'Box': Perspiration leads to Inspiration


The Sherry Institute of Spain's brief to the agency was clear and crisp like a fine Fino:

...a campaign was needed to identify the unique quality and versatility of 'sherry'... to explain the difference between 'sherry' and its imitators - in particular British sherry.

This clarity extended to our understanding of the central problem facing 'sherry'. A group of consumers were indeed committed to the product and image, but for the wider audience it had suffered from becoming subsumed into a 'sherry box' defined by:

  • the 'imitation product' (notably from QC and Old England);
  • a particular advertising-led British imagery (notably from Croft and Harveys).