NZDF – The “real” NZ Army

Category: Single Channel Focus Campaign
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Advertiser: NZDF


Every year the NZ Army faces the tough task of recruiting the right number of high quality youth into its ranks, youth whose perceptions of a career in the NZ Army have been shaped by unfavourable images of war in video games and films.

Our challenge was to break down these perceptions, increase relevance and engagement and lessen the gap between the world of potential recruits and the world of the NZ Army.

We are dealing with an audience that hates being 'talked-at', would rather discover for themselves, and are difficult to influence using traditional media.

Our strategy was to kick start a conversation between the NZ Army and the target audience in their world. To do this we created the 'real' NZ Army experience on a social networking site.