Engineered Persuasion: Just Do It

Pat LaPointe


How does a brand-marketing company succeed in a hyper-competitive, global marketplace where product designs, features, and engineering increasingly (and rapidly) are matched and copied by competitors?

It’s very difficult in most industries and categories to establish and sustain relevant and compelling product differentiation. Every year, it becomes even more difficult to sustain any sort of cost, quality, or value advantage. The world is a global factory, and global sourcing forces work quickly to drive cost of goods down to commoditized levels.

Many firms seek to create an advantage through technical innovation. Yet, in multi-step distribution sectors, private labels compete aggressively to blur the lines, expertly navigating around the best of patent defenses. And in capital-intensive industries such as automotive or telecommunications, global competitors backed by government support and subsidies use price as a weapon to buy time (and share) while working to elevate their own innovation capabilities.