MRS Retail Research Conference - Understanding shopper behaviour from armchair to checkout

Judie Lannon

On the basis of this one day seminar, chaired by Craig Ryder of Nunwood and organised by the Market Research Society (MRS), no retailer has any excuse for failing to understand their customers in order to improve their competitive position.

Presentation after presentation at the seminar, held in London in April 2011, demonstrated how a combination of digital technology and ingenious methodologies is offering researchers access to customers' beliefs and experiences. This access is, in turn, helping to overcome one of the industry's greatest challenges: getting research findings listened to and acted upon by clients.

Planning for changing consumer confidence

Rob Cushen, YouGov

With the UK having suffered its worst recession in decades in 2008-09, it is unsurprising that consumer sentiment is downbeat. Figures from YouGov, unveiled at the pollster's presentation to the seminar, reflect a great deal of pessimism among shoppers. Moreover, this pessimism is directly influencing shopping habits - producing much savvier shoppers.