Tape Recorder

Agency M&C Saatchi / Mark
Advertiser Optus
Author Gres Girling and Colin Jowell
Total Campaign Expenditure Under $500K

Optus Evolve™ Managed Network was a wonderful bit of kit, with great advantages for large companies, including great efficiencies, reduced headaches by outsourcing and "future-proofing" for large scale networks.

The only problem was that our target audience – Chief Technology and Chief Information Officers were so heavily courted through unsolicited phone calls, emails and direct marketing that taken together the communications resembled carpet bombing.1 Adding to this, Managed Networks aren't something bought on a whim. The sales cycle is typically complex, consultative and long.

The Optus Business Sales teams responsible for larger companies knew there was a big chunk of the market that would buy it – if they could just get a foot in the door to explain the Managed Network's benefits. The trick was how.