The future of the digital world: insights from News Corp at ad:tech New York 2009

Stephen Whiteside

News Corporation is one of the world's premier media groups, with a global brand portfolio spanning news titles like The Wall Street Journal and The Times to Fox, the US broadcast network, 20th Century Fox, the movie studio, and MySpace, the social networking portal. Headed by chief executive Rupert Murdoch, the company is at the forefront of a number of trends that could ultimately come to define the future of the digital space, be it charging consumers to access online content, or delivering video-on-demand through web platforms like Hulu.

Taking to the stage at ad:tech New York 2009, Jonathan Miller, chief digital officer and Chairman/CEO of News Corp's Digital Media Group, gave a wide-ranging overview of the current condition of the new media industry, and offered his predictions for the future. Among the major developments he identified were the rise of real-time communications, the growth of the mobile internet and the further "socialisation" of the web.