Telefónica: The Room

Client Company Name:Telefónica
Brand Name: Flagship Store
Agency:Gmr Marketing
Category: Retail or Trade Marketing
Total Commercial Communications Expenditure: €100,000 and over
Country: Spain


We had to create a Halloween experience for the Telefónica Flagship Store (TFS). Surprising consumers is a big challenge, so our experience had to be something really different. Horror movies are one of Halloween's main icons. We decided to take this idea even further and create the first 4d horror film and project it inside a store. But besides that, being inside the space where this projection was happening had to be an experience in itself so we built a claustrophobic black cube where worst nightmares became reality - a once-in-a-lifetime shocking experience, only possible at the TFS. The TFS is located in one of the oldest and most unique buildings of Madrid, and houses Movistar's most advanced and sophisticated technological showroom.