Five trends marketers can't ignore

Andrea Sophocleous

Ekaterina Walter made her name during a five-year stint as social media strategist and innovator for Intel, the tech giant. Her achievements included building the firm's presence on social media and serving as the driving force behind pioneering programmes like "Intel Innovators", which saw the company engage young scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs.

In May 2013, she joined Branderatti, a marketing firm specializing in advocacy and influencer relations, as chief marketing officer. Given her background and influence in the global tech community, Walter's keynote presentation at ad:tech Melbourne, held in July 2013, generated a healthy dose of chatter, as she outlined the five trends marketers shouldn't ignore in a constantly-evolving marketplace.

The power of the millennial generation

The much-maligned Generations Y and Z now make up 50% of the world's population, but most companies and brands don't know how to talk to them, according to Walter. Unlike previous generations that stuck with brands they know, "millennials" can tap in to unlimited sources of information to make buying decisions, and regularly switch between competing brands.