Nissan – Keys

Category: Automotive -Vehicles
Brand/Client: Nissan North America
Primary Agency: The True Agency
Contributing Agencies: GTM, Black Rock Digital


The Nissan Altima launched in early 2007 as a genuine contender in the category. For the first time in years, its technological offerings (Push Button Ignition with Intelligent Key, Bluetooth technology and Satellite Navigation with Live Traffic Reporting) were on par with its highest competitors.

Altima's hope of an aggressive launch and increased sales among the African American (AA) market were soon to be tested as two of the Altima's immediate and most threatening competitors were due to launch with all-new designs within the year. Needless to say, the anticipation of their competitive reintroductions to the category weakened Altima's positioning within the market –l beginning with purchase intentions. For the first time in over four years, Altima's purchase intentions reached an all time low of 2.2%. A major drop from the 3.4% from just one year prior. Accordingly, the intentions of both the Camry and Honda rose to an all time high of 6.1% for Camry and 4.4% for Honda Accord (Source: Allison Fisher 2004–2006).