Dose of Digital

Jonathan Richman

January 27, 2010

Dear Judges:

Since my entry for the Atticus Award is my blog, I'm submitting a selection of posts from 2009 that I believe best represent the type of content found on Dose of Digital. You can view all of my past posts by visiting the blog at The posts included here were all originally posted on the blog in 2009. I've tried to keep them as close to the original, online version as possible. Unfortunately, this paper format doesn't allow for video embedding or links to other sites. However, I've included the link to the original post, if you would like to see the full content and context of any of these posts.

Dose of Digital is a blog dedicated to digital marketing in the pharma and healthcare industries. I started the blog in late 2008 and published approximately 100 posts in 2009. During that time, the blog has received a great deal of industry recognition and acquired a number of loyal readers. Despite being focused on a small subset of one industry, the blog has been ranked as high as 112 in AdAge's Power150 Marketing Blogs. It was also named the “Most Influential” Healthcare Marketing blog by PostRank for 2009. More than 10,000 unique visitors per month visit the blog and more than 1,800 have subscribed via RSS.