This Event is Me! How Consumer Event Self-Congruity Leverages Sponsorship

Angeline G. Close, Anjala S. Krishen and Michael S. Latour
University of Nevada, Las Vegas


In hopes of cutting through the clutter of advertising, retail managers may consider event marketing and sponsorship. The sponsorship surge occurred for five consecutive years (2003–2008) at unprecedented rates, suggesting that sponsorship and event marketing transcends a short-term fad. Yet, currently, sponsorship growth is projected to linger at a subtle 2.2 percent growth rate among North American companies (IEG, 2009). As a $34.4 billion industry worldwide, many advertisers seek an explanation of event sponsorship—specifically, of how shoppers see themselves fitting in with the sponsor and the event—to guide decisions regarding the billions of dollars invested, especially in times of economic scrutiny.