Why client satisfaction is not enough

Carey Evans
Relationship Audits & Management (RAM)

A few years ago, my business partner and I attended a business networking event held on a luxurious cruise ship which sailed from Southampton and dropped anchor in the Channel Islands. The event was essentially 'speed dating for businesses' in which companies (like us) paid a fee to meet a range of prospective clients who meanwhile used the event to check out potential new suppliers. To this end, the organisers had set up some thirty business meetings for us over the next three days.

The night before it started, we were at the welcome drinks event listening to the opening speeches and got involved in a conversation with two 'client 'individuals who tuned out to be the chief executive and marketing director respectively of a large financial institution. As we chatted we asked them who they were interested in meeting as even though we weren't scheduled to meet with these particular individuals, we might be able to give them some background on those suppliers they were going to see, as we knew a lot of the suppliers who were 'exhibiting.'