Apartheid Museum: A history forgotten is a future lost



The Apartheid Museum was founded to ensure that future generations, taught to forgive would also never forget. It has always looked to serve as a beacon of hope to all South Africans. Despite this it was becoming ever more clear that our celebrity-obsessed generation of today no longer deemed our country’s history relevant to their lives. As stated by Wayde Davy, Deputy Director of the Apartheid Museum, “They don’t know their history and they just don’t care.”

It was therefore no surprise, when the museum revealed to us that they were struggling to attract the youth. We needed to get the museum back into the public mind and find a way to get the youth to make the time to visit the Apartheid Museum.

By juxtaposing the youth’s knowledge of irrelevant popular culture with that of our Struggle Heroes we managed to expose what many South Africans had become blind to — the growing level of apathy amongst our youth.