UNICEF: #NoNameMatch

Agency: Oniria/TBWA Asuncion
Advertiser: UNICEF
Country: Paraguay


Paraguay has a high number of children under 1 year old without birth certificate. 24% are not enrolled in civil registration, and this number grows to 35% at Indian children.

We need the commitment of presidential candidates to work on it before April 21 elections. And presidential campaigns are sensible to media topics.


In Paraguay, is very hard to reach a big audience because media ratings are very low, and media content is very poor. Only news and sports has high ratings, and is very hard to get in without money. Soccer is the favorite spot in Paraguay. The Paraguayan soccer selection matches has high rating in TV and radios.

The national soccer team played his last chance to qualify to Fifa World Cup 2014 against Uruguay in Montevideo. That was the only chance to send a strong message to every presidential candidate before the national elections of 21th April.

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