The Warehouse: Get in on the secret

AIM Proximity


Category: Retail/Direct Sales
Country where program ran: New Zealand
Date program started/ended: 14th-24th February 2008

Product Description: Department Store - General Merchandise

Advertiser/Client Name: The Warehouse Ltd
Media Channels: Email
Web Advertising


Marketplace Challenge:

The Warehouse is New Zealand's equivalent of Wal-Mart. With 83 stores nationwide, it provides low cost products across all categories to the masses. Valentines Day is a key date on all retailers' calendars and is fiercely competitive to see who can shout the loudest with 'cliché' messages of romance to sell flowers, jewellery & chocolates. Considered more a commercial event than a day to show that special someone how much you love them. It is met with either skepticism, boycotted or a forced gesture 'because if I don't my partner won't speak to me' The Warehouse's challenge was to cut through the standard retail messages that 'shout' Valentines merchandise and engage with people to deliver something worthwhile and still meet commercial objectives. During a tight economic climate where for the month of February 2008, a 0.7% fall in retail sales was reported in New Zealand*. Given the tightening economy, retailers including The Warehouse also tightened budgets providing a significant challenge to deliver objectives with a budget of under $US35, 000.