The 'Random Assigned Day'

The description of a new technique for TV audience measurement among highstatus, mobile populations

Peter Menneer

Didier Mormesse
Jeremy Nye

For years panEuropean TV (PETV) channels have been facing the daunting challenge of providing the advertising marketplace with accountable measures of their viewing.

Although most European countries have their own national peoplemeter operation, none of these panels satisfactorily meets the needs of an international news channel setting out to measure its viewing among an upscale business audience across Europe because:

  • the panels are too small
  • they do not measure nondomestic viewing
  • they do not always identify and report all the relevant international channels
  • some are still not designed to deliver the cable and satellite universe
  • there is a lack of harmonisation across countries
  • for most international channels, the cost of subscribing to whatever is relevant wherever it is available would be prohibitive.