Febreze: Wash the Unwashables


Forgotten under the kitchen sink...

Febreze was launched in Europe in the late 1990s as the first odour-eliminating fabric refresher. 10 years after launch, Febreze Fabric Spray was struggling to remain relevant. Even though a huge number of people had tried Febreze, it was quickly forgotten and left under the kitchen sink. The main issue was that it was bought when a one-off odour problem occurred. Once the problem was solved, people did not see a need to use Febreze any longer.

In qualitative research we heard statements such as:

“I got Febreze because my husband was a heavy smoker and I would spray all the curtains and the sofa, but since I got divorced there was no need for Febreze anymore...”

“I bought it when my kid had vomited in the car and it really worked – but after that, I did not need the product anymore… the bottle should still be under the kitchen sink, I think...”