Mentos: National Night

Rachel Filer

Campaign details

Brand owner: Perfetti Van Melle
Agency: BBH Asia Pacific
Brand: Mentos
Country: Singapore
Channels used: Online video, Packaging and design, Product and other sampling, Public relations, Social media
Media budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Mentos 'National Night' was created as a hyper local campaign for a Singaporean audience that somehow managed to find global fame.

As a champion of fresh thinking, Mentos set out to acknowledge Singapore's National Day but refused to conform to the norm of how most brands acknowledge the occasion – namely through the broadcasting of a sugary birthday message.

Instead, it used the country's birthday as an opportune moment to deliver a highly topical birthday message that sought to inspire action from the people. Bespoke Mentos 'I Heart SG' rolls and an innovatively worded song encouraged patriotic Singaporeans to help their country tackle one of its greatest issues: the country's declining birth rate.