O2: Duck hunting with Coca-Cola

Ogilvy & Mather Group/Ogilvy One


Telefónica Czech Republic (TO2) is one of the 3 telecommunications companies in the Czech Republic (main competitors are T-Mobile and Vodafone).

TO2 wanted to increase its awareness in the youth segment and attract new customers. At the same time, it wanted to confirm its dominance and technological innovation of services and still be perceived as the leading telecommunications company.

TO2 decided to implement a joint promotion with the most famous manufacturer of soft drinks in the world – Coca-Cola. The promotion ran from July to September 2012 and when a 0.5 l bottle of Coca-Cola was bought, 25 CZK of the price went to O2.

In addition, each participant could double promote through the mobile application, which was especially developed for this competition. A special code appeared on 4.5 million bottles of Coca-Cola.


  1. Increase the attractiveness of Telefónica O2 for young people
  2. Increase positive brand perception of O2
  3. Strengthen the "technological leader" image of TO2
  4. Increase sales of Coca-Cola 0,5l bottles