Rolex – Making content


Not your Father's Status Symbol

After a century of growth and luxury-market dominance, Rolex was faced with building relevance among a younger audience — a new generation of affluent consumers would one day be a vital source of Rolex business in both established and emerging markets. Unfortunately, many younger consumers saw Rolex as an older status symbol and not a contemporary icon of achievement. A large majority saw Rolex as the watch of their predecessors and parents.

Not your Father's Type of Planning Communications

We needed a really big idea that would engage a more democratic and youthful audience in a branded journey of achievement. The idea was as big as it was risky. Take an unknown artist and propel him onto a global stage. And do this with a nomadic exhibition that travels from city to city globally, allowing prospects to discover and experience his achievement. Whilst reinforcing the Rolex brand, without turning the artist's work into an advertising campaign. This is the story of Gregory Colbert's Ashes and Snow, a global phenomenon that only the few knew of as a brand-building initiative for Rolex…until now. We needed an idea that would involve people intimately in what the brand stood for — crowning meaningful human achievement.