An A–Z of insights

Peter Field

There are clearly many factors that contribute to success for a brand, from innovative products to aggressive budgets. But much attention has been paid in recent years to the value of 'insights' – leaps of understanding that unlock sales. Such is the clamour for 'insights', that the term has become somewhat devalued – more often than not, what are termed 'insights' are in fact just common sense.

That is not to deny the potential contribution of such 'lite insights' to marketing rigour, but the case studies of success residing in the WARC archive illustrate that real value comes from deeper and more profound leaps of understanding – from true insights. Their value lies in prompting consumers to change the basis on which they choose brands and so open up the category to exceptional behavioural shifts. They are more than just re-spun selling messages; and they may have effects that go beyond the brand protagonist.