Milk: Latte Love

Business situation:

The demand for milk has consistently and slowly declined, and has fallen by 10% (294 million gallons) during 2005-10. Consumers' stomach size has remained flat over the last decade yet the composition of beverage consumption has changed. One of the ways to have a positive impact on milk demand is by emphasizing milk consumption outside of the traditional standalone glass. The opportunity for growth is the impact that potential complements can play in milk consumption. Today, Coffee/latte is the complement that represents the largest net positive driver of milk consumption. Additionally strong coffee sales provide a unique opportunity to remind users to add milk to their coffees for delicious latte treats.

Campaign summary:

The key target audience for the program was women age 25 to 54. The campaign intercepted potential shoppers across coffee and milk aisles leveraging News America shelf talkers to remind them to add milk to their baskets for delicious homemade lattes enriched with all the nutritional benefits of milk. Additionally, a promotional program provided shoppers with desktop and mobile entry platforms to engage in a win a 'latte lovers essential kit'. We engaged key Milk bloggers to seed our message, spread the 'latte love' and build advocates. Facebook provided a unique engaging experience to the target audience thus leading to exceptional engagement results.

Business objective: