Pepto-Bismol: The little pink bottle that everybody thought they knew


This isn't a story about a killer insight and an inspiring creative brief.

It's a story about how planning can find creative and insightful ways of looking at every part of the strategic journey.

Pepto-Bismol had everything going for it, except it wasn't growing. We defined an insightful objective: Get everyone who already has it to use it just one more time to generate double-digit growth.

We uncovered the insight that every attempt to do this in the past produced the opposite effect. In fact, the brand's famous past advertising had created the biggest barrier to growth.

Best of all, we found a creative strategy that got people to use a healthcare brand more often, without being sick more often. And an idea that not only led to a completely different kind of campaign, but a radically different way of communicating.

A brand with everything going for it - except growth