Britain Thinks: We all want to be middle class – however we describe it

Deborah Mattinson

I am a member of the elite. Well, according to the BBC's Great British Class Survey, I am. Published in April, the survey attracted a sample of more than 160,000, which it grouped according to 'economic capital' (income, property and savings), 'social capital' (the number and status of the people we know), and 'cultural capital' (the extent and nature of our cultural activities).

Participants were asked how often they go to the theatre, what music they listen to and the occupations of their friends, as well as the size of their bank account.

The respondents were clustered into seven segments, ranging from 'Elite', the most privileged in the UK with the highest levels of all three capitals (ahem), right through to the 'Precariat' – a slightly clumsy fusion of 'precarious' and 'proletariat' denoting those who are the poorest and most deprived.