How advertising moved Carnation from ‘back of pantry’ to ‘front of mind’

Agency: Publicis Mojo

Advertiser: Nestle

Author: Lynn Clift

Total Campaign Expenditure: $l-2 million


Q: In an era when ‘fresh is best’ - how do you sell milk in a can?

Carnation evaporated milk, has been in Australian kitchen cupboards since World War 1. The iconic red and white tin, and its creamy contents have remained unchanged for over 100 years and formed the base of many Australian family favourites. But Carnation now found sales were slowing and the brand was struggling to gain new users. Its image was tied to grandma's pantry. A slew of alternative dairy competitors were also emerging. In 2010 Carnation was in a fight for survival.

With a limited media and production budget (approximately half key competitor spends*) efforts needed to be focused - primarily on television. The success or failure of this activity fell squarely on advertising's shoulders. *Source: Zenith Optimedia