Simplot Birds Eye Fish Fingers: 3D thinking

Agency: Belgiovane Williams Mackay

Advertiser: Simplot: Birds Eye Fish Fingers

Author: Jamie Mackay, Alex Speakman

Total Campaign Expenditure: Under $500K


Executive Summary

This is a story of how advertising delivered outstanding growth in sales, brand health, market share and profitability by re-kindling an emotional bond with generations of Australians for a family favourite that had lost it's way in an increasingly commoditised market.

But what makes this case truly exceptional in today's ‘multi-channel’ world is that the result, a 20% increase in sales and 26% volume increase, was achieved using just one traditional channel, cinema.

Birds Eye Fish fingers: a fading star

In 2008 when the brand and communications planning for Birds Eye commenced, there was an overriding sense amongst the Simplot marketing team that fish fingers were a lost cause. Historically the flagship of the Birdseye frozen food range and clear segment leader, fish fingers had for several years proved difficult to add sufficient value to support a price premium. Above the line marketing funds had been diverted instead into price promotion at the bequest of the Sales team, a short term fix that inadvertently had overtime only served to accelerate the slide into a price driven commodity segment and handing it (on a plate) to the own label and generic brands.