The European Food Aid: The airfood project

Agency: Havas Worldwide Paris
Advertiser: Les Restaurants du Coeur
Brand: The European Food Aid
Country: France


The Most Deprived Persons Program (MDP) has been created to provide assistance to the poorest members of society in the 27 EU member states. Thanks to this program, food aid is delivered to 18 millions of needy European every year.

At the end of 2012, seven countries were opposed to the renewal of the MDP. They believed this type of aid should be managed at national level.

In response, a group of French NGOs, led by les Restaurants du Coeur, approached the agency to develop a campaign that would help to prevent the abolition of European food Aid.

The issue was simple yet crucial: how to prevent European leaders (specifically in Bruxelles, Paris and Berlin) from voting for the abolition of the Most Deprived Persons Program?