MINI – Carfun Footprint

Category: Automotive, Vehicles
Brand/Client: MINI USA
Primary Agency: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners


In 2008, MINI had the difficult task of continuing the double-digit growth that we had achieved in 2007. It was a fiercely competitive time in the small car market, especially between MINI and hybrids. In the two years leading up to this campaign, hybrid car sales were growing by 3.3% per month, with the Prius comprising 63% of those sales.

By June 2008, one in four people who were considering a MINI were also considering a Prius. It was a time when people cared about the environment more than about the economy (which is no longer the case). Especially among the intelligent, cultured, urban-minded audience that MINI attracts, hybrids had become quite a statement of environmental values.